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Environmental monitoring system

Make sure that the environmental parameters in your comms room are correct.

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Access control system

Restrict access to critical servers. Get reports who, when and what cabinet opened.

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Visualization and data acquisition

Save all required system parameters into SQL database. View the status of entire system on the single monitor screen.

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AL200 standalone working mode - child's play to operate

Connecting as well as operating the handle in standalone mode could not be easier.

In the standalone mode, the handle works with only any card reader, biometric reader or another reader that has a Wiegand interface. Wiegand from 26 to 66 bits is supported. No computer is required for programming. A maximum of 63 users can be configured.

See the attached short video instructions.

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Master card programming

User card programming


BKT AL200 swinghandle has a new feature

The access control swinghandle has now additional functionality.

In addition to the previous ones:
- Opening with a key as in a standard mechanical handle,
- Operating in to any access control system.

Can operate as an standalone access control system cooperating with any card reader, biometric reader or keyboard, which have an appropriate communication interface.

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